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UISD Congratulates Secondary Teacher of the Year Joshua Llamas

Posted Date: 06/02/2023

UISD Congratulates Secondary Teacher of the Year  Joshua Llamas

The United Independent School District congratulates the 2023-2024 Secondary Teacher of the Year. Joshua Llamas has been a teacher at United ISD for 6 years. He has been teaching U.S. History and College Government 2305 and 2306 at Lyndon B. Johnson to students from 10th-12th grade. Mr. Llamas is so passionate about teaching his students that he has found a unique way to engage with them to maximize their learning. He enjoys impersonating characters in the history lessons he teaches, allowing the students to use their imagination. He also makes sure to interact with the students and encourages them to express their creativity by demonstrating their own interpretation of the lessons. Lyndon B. Johnson’s recent 94% scores on the social studies portion of the STAAR test proves that Mr. Llamas’ unconventional approach to teaching has been effective. His favorite part of teaching is being around motivated students who are willing to learn and put their effort into all they do. He says teaching has taught him to be compassionate and understanding with everyone. He strives to offer support to others, especially his students. Mr. Llamas’ advice to other teachers is to get to know their students and practice empathy. He says putting himself in his students’ shoes serves as a teaching guide for him. Mr. Llamas is grateful and honored to have been selected as the top secondary educator among many other qualified applicants. He appreciates knowing that the efforts and passion of teachers are being recognized and wishes he could share this award with his colleagues. He will now get the opportunity to drive a beautiful vehicle courtesy of Powell Watson Motors for a year, which he will have the chance to switch out every three months. Congratulations Mr. Llamas for all your amazing accomplishments, and well-deserved award.


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