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UISD Congratulates Elementary Teacher of the Year Gabriela Vazquez De Lara

Posted Date: 06/02/2023

UISD Congratulates Elementary Teacher of the Year  Gabriela Vazquez De Lara

The United Independent School District congratulates the 2023-2024 Elementary Teacher of the Year. Gabriela Vazquez De Lara has been a teacher at United ISD for 21 years. Her career began in 2002 when she moved to Laredo after having worked as an industrial engineer for 20 years in Mexico. She decided to put her passion on hold for her children and began getting involved at Muller Elementary. She held several jobs such as teacher aide and community liaison before becoming certified to become a kindergarten teacher. In 2005 she was transferred to Fasken Elementary where she taught kindergarten, 1st grade and now 5th grade. Mrs. Vazquez De Lara is a bilingual teacher who has taught every subject in elementary school. Her favorite part about teaching is making learning fun for her students. She loves to see her students' satisfaction when they discover they can read and write by applying everything she has taught them. The fifth grade teacher believes there is a story behind every face and behavior, which is why she connects with her students to understand them. Her advice to other teachers is to remember that education is not the end but the means. They must be inspirational models who help their students develop their unique gifts and abilities to carry out their mission in life. Mrs. Vazquez De Lara is humbled to have been selected as the district-wide Teacher of the Year. This achievement reassured her that she made the right decision in changing careers despite the obstacles she endured. She appreciates her family for always supporting her in the sacrifices she made to accomplish her responsibilities with her students. She is incredibly grateful to Powell Watson Motors, not only for providing a brand new vehicle as her incentive for all her hard work, but for also validating the work that teachers do in shaping our future. Mrs. Vazquez de Lara underwent a vigorous selection process and was selected as the top educator among many other qualified applicants. She will now get the opportunity to drive a beautiful vehicle courtesy of Powell Watson Motors for a year, which she will have the chance to switch out every three months. Congratulations Mrs. Vazquez de Lara for all your amazing accomplishments, and well-deserved award.    


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