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League of Legends Recipients Speak at their Alma Maters

Posted Date: 03/10/2023

League of Legends Recipients Speak at their Alma Maters

Twenty-Eight extremely accomplished individuals from our community were inducted into the United Independent School District’s Distinguished Alumni Award Program, League of Legends. All of the honorees were selected based on their career accomplishments and the impact they’ve had in our community and country. This year for the first time, two posthumous awards were presented to the families of two of our local heroes, who not only graduated from our high schools but gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Their families received a special plaque in their honor. A dinner ceremony was held Thursday evening to mark the special occasion. The newly inducted legends were then invited to speak at their respective alma maters. 


On Friday, juniors and seniors from all across our district were in for a treat, after hearing from these prominent achievers during a special assembly held at each high school. The seven legends from each school shared their experiences, challenges and successes with the students, motivating them to never give up on their dreams. Many reflected on the influence their teachers and coaches had on them while they were in high school, enabling them to work hard for their goals. All of them were excited to be back at their alma mater, reminiscing about their years there. Students were attentive to their words and were encouraged to seek out their passions and dreams. 


The UISD League of Legends Distinguished Alumni Award Program began in 2014 and since then has been an annual tradition. Its main objective is to recognize the contributions UISD alumni have made to our society and to inspire current students to pursue their goals. United ISD is proud to acknowledge our alumni and their hard work by highlighting the great academic foundation they received at all our exemplary high schools. It is important to demonstrate the vital role our education system has played in shaping these outstanding individuals.  


The following recipients were inducted in the 2023 UISD League of Legends:


United High School

Ninfa Peña-Purcell, Ph.D. Class of 1975

Mindy Casso Class of 1986

Dr. Marsha Renee Perales-Hull Class of 1992

Jose S. Tellez II Class of 1993

Patty Kirby Class of 2000

Debbie Hernandez Class of 2007

Dr. Arnoldo Treviño Class of 2011



United South High School

Briza Uvalle Class of 2000

LCPL Juan Rodrigo Rodriguez Class of 2000

Raul Reyes Class of 2001

Cindy Bautista Class of 2006

Alex Cano Class of 2007

Abiel A. Obregon Class of 2009

Gabriela Medina Class of 2011



J.B. Alexander High School

Angel Angco-Barrera Class of 2000

Ramon De la Torre, M.D. Class of 2001

Melinda M. Portillo Class of 2005

Danny Valdez, Ph.D. Class of 2007

Andres D. Garcia Class of 2008

Monika Sanchez Class of 2008

John Bojanski Class of 2012



Lyndon B. Johnson High School

Cassandra Diaz Class of 2014

Erick Garay Class of 2014

Fernando Maciel Class of 2014

Jorge Castañeda Class of 2015

Natalie Coleman Class of 2016

Stephanie Palacios Class of 2017

LCPL David Lee Espinoza Class of 2019


Alexander High School Alumni

Alexander high School

United High School Alumni

United High School

Lyndon B. Johnson High School Alumni

Lyndon B. Johnson High School

United South high School Alumni

United South High School

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