Special Education Budget, Itinerary Staff, Compliance, Contracted Services

Hector Jaime Garza
(956) 473-2066

The Division of Special Education Budget, Itinerant Staff, Compliance and Contracted Services primarily focuses on procedural compliance with federal and state laws and regulations and local policy.  It staffs a Compliance Coordinator for each of the four feeder patterns that services a minimum of eight campuses.  Each feeder pattern is fully staffed with a team comprising of educational diagnosticians, speech therapists, homebound teachers, teachers for the visually impaired, related services and adaptive physical education personnel.  Additionally, our division disseminates the federal funds necessary to enhance quality instruction for students with special needs.

Compliance Coordinators

Eliza Angers-Castillo
LBJH Cluster
(956) 473-2079
Sylvia M. Leal
USHS Cluster
(956) 473-2069
Laura V. Salinas
UHS Cluster
(956) 473-2041
Wood S. Coston
AHS Cluster
(956) 473-2109

Office Staff

Operations Technician
Cynthia A. Lopez Budget 2072 clopez@uisd.net
Medicaid Specialist
Sylvia R. Cantu 2073 sylviac@uisd.net
Compliance Assistants
Cynthia Alvarado PEIMS: surnames A–E, Ve 2059 clopez75@uisd.net
Rita Cantu Budget 2075 rcantu@uisd.net
Jacqueline G. Gonzalez Kronos® 2107 jbarboza@uisd.net
Oscar Guerrero Data management 2074 oguerr17@uisd.net
Evelyn Ostiguin Staff development, ESY 2187 ostiguin@uisd.net
Carolina Prado PEIMS: surnames L–Q 2045 caprado@uisd.net
Rosa Linda Roa PEIMS: surnames F–K, Va 2076 roliroa@uisd.net
Veronica C. Salas PEIMS: surnames R–Z 2057 vcsalas@uisd.net